L’avventura (1960)

L’avventura (1960)

                The movie L’avventura directed by Michaelangelo Antonioni and released on the year 1960 was made to confuse its viewers because of how the story did not have a clear story line and conclusion. It is a very mysterious movie which had no closure to each scene which left the viewers hanging and curious about what happened next. The movie did not have a specific story and had numerous plot twists without conclusions.

         The movie is about a group of wealthy friends cruising around. Sandro and Anna were lovers who had misunderstandings and Anna wanted to be alone and then got lost. Sandro and Anna’s friend, Claudia started looking for Anna. While searching, Sandro started flirting with Claudia and heard about a lady named Gloria Perkins who attracted a lot of men in Messina. After, Sandro asked Claudia to marry him. While in the search for Anna, the two had gone to Taormina to check on a hotel Sandro’s boss and the wife is staying. Here, Sandro saw Gloria Perkins and was attracted which resulted to him and Gloria in a sexual encounter. They were caught by Claudia but she did not do anything about it and showed compassion. 

            The movie was very confusing and was very shallow. The context of the movie was not specific and was very unclear. Personally, I do not recommend the movie because it did not have a conclusion. It confuses the audience and makes me question what the point of the movie really was. 

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