Aside from the required word count per entry (a minimum of 500) and the expectation that your writing meets the standards set in the Blogging Rubric), here are some other rules I expect you to follow:

  1. You must have one blog entry for each film screened in class. You can of course refer to other films in the blog entry, but the main film under discussion should be clear and tagged (see number four).
  2. You may earn additional points by commenting on other people’s blog entries, and I may allow you to write about films not screened in class for extra credit, as long as your discussions meet the standards we have set in class.
  3. Images and clips (from, say, YouTube) are not required for blog entries, but they will be appreciated if they enhance the content of what you’re saying.
  4. Every entry you write must be tagged with your six-digit ID number and the title of the main film under discussion. Aside from these, you may come up with your own tags to better describe your entry.