A Woman Is a Woman: A Different Kind of Comedy

In Godard’s A woman Is a Woman, I was really enchanted by the visual flare that the film showcased. It just shows how much a rule breaker Godard is because he really produced images that is not normally seen in mainstream films, especially the ones made in Hollywood. This film became a refreshing experience to see such a different film in a visual context. One of the parts of the film that struck me the most is when the scenes become freeze frames to highlight their stance. This scene came out of nowhere and it was an interesting way to depict these kinds of actions from the characters. I also was struck by the panorama tracking shot, that contained narration and text. This was a playful way for Godard to show us the general mood in the setting and what was happening that was not being said by the characters. Overall the visual aspect of the story was one of the main reasons that it was easy for someone, who has never watched a Godard movie, to be easily allured by it.   

The film has a weird flow that is not normal in mainstream films, But, even though it was very different from what regular audiences normally watch, the comedy in the film was universal. The film made me laugh so much and capitalized on a screwball type of comedy that is not very common nowadays. It was very refreshing to see this kind of comedy that didn’t rely on being crude and rude. It even made it more fun to watch how the hilarious antics of the characters were done in the way of classic comedy films, but with the french style of Godard. The film, although the style was confusing was really put together and made entertaining to any viewer because of the comedy that was produced in the movie. Even though there were some parts of the film that confused me,  the comedic elements did not put me out of the film and really showed that the film was entertaining.

Another aspect that I really found was an aspect that made the movie great was the actors and their characterization, particularly Anna Karina as Angela. Angela was oozing with charisma throughout the film and made her so interesting and resulted to the audience being really engaged with her. She also had perfect comedic timing and was one of the main resources of all the comedy from the film. One scene, where she asks Emile what he wants for dinner, was one of the comedic highlights that showed how Anna Karina has spot on comedic timing, with the help of Godard’s direction. Emile was also entertaining like Angela, but he really only worked when he was in the same scenes with Anna Karina.  

The only thing that made me question about the film was Godard’s description of the movie. When Godard said that he considers this movie a neo-realist musical, I was expecting a different kind of film. I saw the musical aspect immediately and that the film had clever use of music. But, the neo-realist description was odd because compared to the Italians, who did it more naturalistic, the film was really stylized and rehearsed. But, overall the film was still an enjoyable movie to watch that shows that there are other ways to be entertaining that is outside the standard of mainstream Hollywood movies.

Enrico R. Barruela COM 115.5 A

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