Not Your Typical Love Story

The film, A Woman is a woman, was not the typical love story of a movie for me. It was centered around Angela, who worked as a dancer and performer in a bar. I believe she was quite determined to get a baby. It first started when she read in her horoscope from a newspaper with her friend that something romantic will happen to her in the near future. This then led her to have two admirers which were Emile and Alfred. She would choose Emile and live with him despite the persistence of Alfred. Later on, she would desire for a baby. One of the ways she showed this was when she placed a pillow inside her clothes to see how she would look if she was pregnant. What caught my attention was how committed her partner, Emile, was to not have a child with her. A manifestation of this was how he invited Alfred, who was his best friend and admirer of Angela, to his house and even allowed him to spend time with Angela in the bathroom to have a baby however the deed did not push through. In fact, he even explicitly told Alfred to impregnate her. The second manifestation was ridiculous for me, as Emile literally asked random strangers in the sidewalk if any of them wanted to impregnate a woman, which was Angela. Later on, Angela would eventually give in to Alfred. Alfred was pursuing Angela right from the beginning of the film and he would readily agree to impregnate her. In fact, he even tried to persuade Angela to choose him instead, as they were talking in a restaurant. Because of this, Angela would sleep with Alfred. It puzzled me when Emile found out about it, as he wasn’t furious about it. At first, he showed signs of disappointment but if your partner sleeps with someone else, you would expect a more aggressive reaction. However, this wasn’t the case. In fact, it would then become one of the factors that would encourage Emile to give in to the wishes of Angela. Emile had a change of heart and decided that he wanted to be the father of Angela’s baby. At the end of the movie, he did the deed with her. 

I would say that this is not a typical love story because couples usually say and do things that are sweet to one another or abide by each other’s wishes at least. However in this movie, Angela and Emile are constantly arguing with one another and calling each other insulting names. In fact at night, they would end the night by telling each other how they don’t want to speak to one another. Then, they would wake up and gather books, as the title of these books frame the message that Emile or Angela want to convey to one another, in order to continue their argument. I am quite surprised that they even wanted to stay together. Overall, it was a movie that had humor that revolves around Angela’s desire for a baby.

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