A Show of Real Love- Having no Boundaries

Until this very moment, people relentlessly try to impose conditions/limitations towards love. With the right mindset, none of the implications set by others can truly alter your feelings nor define your relationship. Day in, day out these boundaries set by people prove to be false by the likes of Emile and Angela in Godard’s A Woman is a Woman.

A Woman is a Woman revolves around the comedic, and unusual love story of Angela, and Emile. The central conflict being that Angela wants to have a baby, while Emile doesn’t. The film showed how imperfect their relationship was through many scenes of them arguing over such little things, and constantly insulting each other. Despite all this, the film was able to portray the true feelings of the couple from within.  

Godard’s A Woman is a Woman proved to be a true masterpiece to me as I unthinkingly came to appreciate the unorthodox methods of Godard in many aspects of filmmaking. To name a few, the way he uses musical accompaniment in almost every scene of the film to emphasize parts of the film. Secondly, his very playful methods of cinematography as seen through his transitions between scenes, and the way he immerses his audience as if they were being talked to by the characters in the film. Lastly, the unpredictable, yet rewarding plot. He used music and different sound effects so smoothly that it helped me predict what was to happen in every scene. He used different methods of cinematography to define important happenings in the film, and he froze the frame five times in which a character spoke to the camera as if he/she was talking to the audience which gave the film an even more comedic feeling. The plot of the film followed the usual three plot structure, but the confrontation and the resolution was so odd that I was confused whether an event such as Angela hooking up with Alfred actually happened. I couldn’t put to reality or relate to many parts of the film, and this got me feeling awkward watching it at most times. At the end of it all, as I finally found time to process everything, I realized one thing. I realized that real love has no boundaries.

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