A Woman is a Woman: A Colorful Romance

Having taken a film class before this semester, I have seen a few european films, and I found them to be unusual because they do not follow the mainstream way of Hollywood narratives. The film A Woman is a Woman is a strange yet unique and interesting film because while the plot is straight-forward, the film’s characters, music, and visuals help bring a comedic and entertaining effect to the atmosphere of the film. The acting of the characters Emile and Angela caught my attention because of how they are always arguing and acting very childish. During the scene when they are about to sleep and did not want to talk to each other, each of them used the title of books to give each other a message. I also found it unusual how Emile kept refusing to give Angela a child and was okay with her trying to sleep with other men because if he truly loved her, he would not be ok with that. Anna can be also seen as a childish character because of how desperate she is to get pregnant. The music also helped bring a light tone to the film like during the scene of Angela’s performance as an exotic dancer, but I also noticed there would be times the music in other scenes would be cut out of nowhere and continue after.

Even though the plot of the film is not that intricate, the film’s strong points were its aesthetically pleasing visual of colors. One example is during the scene of Angela’s performance in the dancer setting because we can see her wearing a white sailor outfit against a bright red background. Then later on we see there is a light machine which shines colors of blue, green and purple on the performance. There are also scenes wherein I noticed the bathroom of their apartment shows colorful lights through the glass of the door. The film also makes use of the costume of characters to help with the colorful visuals. This can be seen in the clothes of Anna which are usually bright red, and Emile’s blue suit. All these aspects help contribute to the beautiful visuals of the film.

This film can be seen as an art cinema film because of how it emphasized the way of conveying the story rather than what the story was about. Even though the film’s plot is simple, it was still interesting because it also showed me the stereotypes of the two genders and yet how the two genders are not that different. Anna is stereotyped to be a woman whose main purpose is to bear children because that is all she wants and thinks about. Aside from that I also noticed that these Anna and Emile are not that different because of their childish acting. It showed that men and women can both be irrational and act in strange ways. Overall I enjoyed watching this film because of the entertaining mix of character acting and creative visuals. It was an unusual film because it gave me a fresh and entertaining experience of romantic films.

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