A Woman is a Woman: An Unconventional Love Affair

Alright, so before I get into talking about the movie, just a quick disclaimer: I usually don’t watch foreign films, so from the get go I took watching this movie attentively as an academic exercise. To my surprise, and somewhat of a delight, I found myself fairly intrigued with the movie.

I’m going to say it up front, the plot doesn’t really pick up until the 3rd act. I thought that the movie is very slow to progress, maybe that’s just the “style” of the movie, but that’s just my opinion of it. It could have also been due to the fact that the way sound was used in the movie. There would be parts that have no sound at all, and I would often think that “what happened to the audio?”. The use of the sound was purposeful, but I have yet to understand to what ends it affects the movie overall. In the movie, Angela works as an exotic dancer, but the movie seems like there wasn’t any sort of “taboo” behind that line of work. Personally I don’t have anything against it, but I know many people have strong opinions about it. I commend the film for not showing Angela’s choice of profession in a negative light.

Let’s talk about the “unconventional love affair” with the love triangle that came out of nowhere. Quick recap: Angela and Emile are together, but then Alfred professes his love for Angela when she finds out that Emile might be cheating on her. Angela sleeps with Alfred but then runs back to Emile. In my opinion, there wasn’t any setup for the “plot twist”, so it wasn’t very convincing that Alfred loved Angela. Let’s be real, it was no Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle of Twilight fame, even if the love triangle in A Woman is a Woman came 40 years before it.

In conclusion, it’s hard to feel for the characters because the situations that they’re in, or better yet the situations that they put themselves through seem so far-fetched that we as an audience can’t relate. Although, I may not have liked the movie overall, I am still looking forward to what the other movies have in store!

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