Eccentric Rom-com

Eccentric. That is the first word that comes to mind after watching the first few minutes of A Woman is a Woman by Jean-Luc Godard. It is an entirely new ballgame for those who are used to seeing Hollywood movies. I myself was always on my toes, waiting for something to happen but to no avail. I expected the scenes to change or at least increasingly turn into something more exciting but they remain flat. The cameras stay inside the apartment as they mainly follow and focus on Angela, the protagonist. It creates an uncanny yet intimate feeling to the viewers, making it seem like we are stuck inside the all-white walls of her apartment to witness different events unfold. Some of the scenes wold start slow until they eventually turn into a roller coaster of emotions that is quite fast to follow. They leave the viewers grasping to comprehend how events turn out. The musical score even amplifies the atmosphere of certain scenes but the way the music abruptly stops and turns everything into a deafening silence (aside from the dialogue of the characters) leave the audience hanging. Everything else were entirely strange.

To be honest, I find it really unusual but I never lost interest in watching it. One would never expect what exactly would happen in the scenes that would follow given the arbitrariness of the entire film. It brings the viewers’ attention to all sorts of elements that are being introduced without straying too far from the situation of the characters. One would be the eye-catching colors and details of most scenes inside the apartment. Another would be the choreography that goes smoothly with the characters and the vibe that the film is trying to give. Interludes or events that are quite absurd, such as Emile riding a bicycle inside the apartment, would just pop out. It really felt like watching art.

Despite the theatricality, one could also easily immerse into the lives of the characters. The intimacy offered by the film to its viewers allow us to understand the emotions of Angela, Emile, and Alfred regardless of the irrationality of most of their issues and reasoning. That may be added to the comedic factor that bizarrely complements the drama. The constant switch between the two emotions provided a playful personality to the film.

The entire film might be something really unique but I cannot say that I did not enjoy it. It offers a completely new experience from the types of films that I am used to and it only brings excitement to someone who is yet to experience films of this caliber. It challenges the viewer to actually notice the other elements in a film. For me, A Woman is a Woman gracefully broke the barriers of a “normal” film.

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