Something Different

Being a science major, I have to admit that this class is my first encounter to any class that is about the arts aside from my EnLit classes. I entered this class being interested in film but not really knowing anything about the technicalities or specific techniques concerned with the art. I was mainly exposed to American films most of my life and watching the film A Woman is a Woman was a great way to start my European film journey.

The film generally revolved around the desire of a stripper named Angela to have a baby. She numerously asked her boyfriend, Emile, to have a baby with her but he would constantly reject her proposition. At a certain point, Emile even asked his own best friend, Alfred, as well as strangers to impregnate Angela because he strongly did not want to have a baby. Later on, Angela had enough and slept with Alfred who also had feelings for her. Eventually, Angela confessed to Emilie about the incident, and that finally made Emile decide to sleep with Angela to have a baby.

Not having any background about European films, I was intrigued as to how Jean-Luc Godard executed the film. Being told that it was movie that was released more than fifty years ago, I was skeptical at first if it would capture my interest, and it did. It was a unique play on romance and comedy, something I have never seen in American films. Compared to modern romance films wherein men show utter respect to women, A Woman is a Woman is quite the opposite. I was shocked to see the scenes in which Emile would literally approach strangers or call his best friend just so he can tell them to impregnate his own girlfriend. Emile was shown to have dominant characteristics, but, at the same time, he was also shown to be childlike with his random immature acts. It was bizarre but Godard was able to use those scenes well for comedic use. On the other had, Godard also portrayed women in a different light. Although Emile was firm on his decision to not have a baby, his stand did not hinder Angela from finding a new path to fulfill her goal. Angela was portrayed as a very determined woman despite her boyfriend being against her and her having an arguably immodest profession. In the end, despite various circumstances, Angela was able to get what she wanted, even if involved cheating with Alfred to make Emile give in.

After seeing this film, I look forward to seeing other films directed by Godard. His unique way of making films may not be for everybody but it surely captured my interest and attention. It is amusing to see other ways people portray and view romanticism throughout different eras. It shows how there is really no cap for creativity. The film effectively shows how being different is not a bad thing. Despite different ways of portraying relationships, at the end of the day, a woman is a woman.

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