A Woman is a Woman Review

My initial reaction to old movies are that they’re conservative and hard to understand. I was also a bit scared to tackle on a European film because all my life I’ve only watched local and Hollywood films. However, after watching a woman is a woman, I would say that I actually enjoyed it more than I expected.

A Woman is a Woman by Godard showcases the power of a woman to get what she wants. Angela is beautiful and charming. She could get any man that she pleases but is dedicated to her partner Emil. Conflict arises when Angela soon realizes that she wants a baby. She tries to convince her partner to have a baby with her but the two quarrel like children over the matter. We can even see how Emil tries to avoid the topic completely while Angela tries to insert it in every conversation. Comedic aspects are used to lighten the mood of more serious issues when Emil rides around the house to avoid sitting down and talking about having a child. Another character worth noting is Alfred. He is head over heels for Angela and constantly begging her to notice him. Although Angela is with Emil, I feel like she always used Alfred as a back up plan. She didn’t have real feelings for him as seen in their conversation in the bar when Alfred says that he loves Angela while Angela says that the only important thing is that you love me (implying that it is one sided but that in this situation, she will never be the one getting hurt, only the one who gains). Angela uses Alfred to make Emil jealous, in the hopes of Emil finally agreeing to have a baby with her. I found it amusing how although Angela and Alfred were constantly bickering at each other in annoyance, they always found a way to go back to each other. In the scene by the stairs where Emil tries to leave the apartment to again avoid confrontation, Angela and Emil find each other back in each other’s arms before they start fighting again. Their relationship is really like a cat and dog fighting but at the same time, they can’t stay away from each other. Perhaps my favorite part in the movie is when Emil and Angela say that they don’t want to talk to each other and end up using books to communicate. Yet another proof that no matter what the situation is, they simply can’t avoid each other completely, their chemistry is too strong. In the end, Emil ends up sleeping with another woman because of his frustration with Angela and Angela ends up sleeping with another man because of her desire to get pregnant. As seen in the ending of the movie, this was a way for Angela to finally get Emil to agree to have a baby with her. She knew that challenging him that much would eventually lead him to agree to what she wants. I would say her methods were definitely deceitful yet it still showcased how she was capable of getting what she desired. A Woman is a Woman is the rightful title of this film because it truly is only a woman who can take matters to her own hands and insist on what she truly wants.

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