The film Persona by Ingmar Bergman starts off with Elizabeth, an actress who is being treated by psychiatrist, watching peculiar scenes on television such as a man burning himself and a face of a small boy. These scenes may have some hidden meanings to it but Bergman, having such a creative mind, would never tell it as it is. Or does he? The film continues to Elizabeth’s sudden silence and her nurse Alma, who was at first doubting her own capabilities to help the actress’ condition, staying in an isolated home without anybody else with them. This was a method suggested by the doctors in order to help and find the reason as to why Elizabeth stopped talking.

In some parts of the film, I was somehow bothered and confused to see how certain scenes happened. The weird relationship that Elizabeth and Alma had, the abortion story of Elizabeth, and the intimate scene between Alma and Elizabeth’s husband. Throughout the film, I was trying my best to interpret each scene and look for a possibility that theres a hidden meaning to it. However, Bergman may jus have simply shown such scenes as it is. Straight to the point. Although with those circumstances, I still found the movie very interesting since it was the first film that I watched with just black and white colours. It gives the feeling of old and classic films that are rare these days.

I also found it brilliant when the movie was slowly showing these two such apposite characters in the beginning, becoming one. This was even taken to a literal context when the two faces were merged and vaguely even being to distinguish which character was which. The artistry and amount of drama in this film truly highlights the beauty of European films.

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