The Impact of Loneliness

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L’avventura was a film that I felt tried to paint a picture of the impact of loneliness and the tragedy that comes with it. Ever since the disappearance of Anna, the two lead characters that were mostly affected was her best friend Claudia and her lover Sandro, were placed in a vulnerable position that had no closure. After disappearing without a trace, both seemed to be confused, guilty, and lonely especially when here was no closure to Anna’s disappearance that was quite sudden. I believe that Anna saw no future with her lover, Sandro, so she decides to make an escape. 

Loneliness was key in the film’s storyline, especially when Sandro could not be at peace as he travels all around different cities and asking various people that can help him find Anna. However, it is in this process Sandro starts to fall for Anna’s best friend, Claudia. At first, she is reluctant to saying no but eventually admits she reciprocates Sandro’s feelings for her. I believe that Anna was also feeling this sense of loneliness and grievance towards losing her best friend, given that she really had no one else to run to. 

One of the things I noticed was the position loneliness puts the characters into. In the case of Claudia, she seemed to be very conflicted. It is also worth noting on how she suspected Sandro as one of the strongest factors for Anna to disappear. She cherished her best friend in Anna and grieves her loss. However now that she is gone, she gains a new lover but in the form of Sandro who is Anna’s former lover. When she finally gives in to Sandro, she still thinks about how Sandro still has feelings for Anna instead of loving her. In fact, she loses her bearings when she thought Sandro got back with Anna as she ran to the paint store. Furthermore at the near end of the movie, she actually becomes paranoid. She would want to see Anna again and reunite with her, but then again she would have to give up Sandro as he obviously still has unfinished business with her. On the other hand in the case of Sandro, he misses Anna but this feeling of loneliness actually leads him to have feelings for Claudia. I believe this was really just a matter of her being there as loneliness placed him in such a vulnerable position. This could be seen in how in the party, he was checking out other women as Claudia excused herself since she was already too sleepy. At the end of the movie, Claudia catches Sandro being intimate with Gloria Perkins, who was famous, as Sandro met her while pursuing the missing case of Anna. Claudia runs and Sandro follows her. The movie ends with Sandro crying and Claudia rubbing his head. This is a scene that shows how their actions were influenced by this loneliness and it resulted into nothing but regret and tragedy. Their relationship may have have provided comfort and safe haven from Anna’s disappearance but in the end it was not really the love that marriages were built upon. 

I believe the movie built the relationships sufficiently and it shows how Claudia and Sandro were left to cope with the loss of Anna, prompting them to be in a relationship together as they faced this loss without any form of closure. L’avventura showed how loneliness can disrupt peace and breed regret. 

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