A sense of being and nothingness

Michaelangelo Antonioni’s stunning black and white film is a great representation of what the 60’s era with the sharp-looking characters in their lavish costumes was all about, which allows a person to easily identify the era it was set in. A few minutes into the film it gets you thinking whether or not this is a love story, or merely just two individuals seeking pleasure, and just that. Sexual relations seem to be their way of “coping” or just a means of passing the time, and the feeling seem to be mutual for both parties. The first thing that comes into mind a few minutes into the film is that the relationship dynamics of the characters seem be lacking. Just a bunch of individuals with money somehow finding a way to fill in the emptiness they have inside. As a matter a fact, the film had a different take on filling the emptiness within. The characters seemed to be mindless and unwilling of anything. However, one comes to realize how the film successfully depicts their journey as they face the experience of inner turmoil and unrest and find a way to fill the void in their lives. 

L’avventura meaning “The Adventure” in English is quite oxymoronic for me. Because nothing monumental really happens throughout the film, just very minimal drama. There was no drastic “rise” and “fall” of events. It also seemed to be missing certain values that must be upheld, especially with how they poorly managed Anna’s mysterious vanishing. Anna just disappears all of a sudden shortly after going ashore, no traces, no clues, while her supposed best friend, Claudia, takes centre stage and aiming to gain the affection of her Anna’s boyfriend during their quest of looking for Anna. They are passionate lovers all of a sudden. No conclusion is even given, it just sort of ends— no resolution. She is just forgotten.  There are very minimal details given out. It did not have a close ending nor a happy ending but rather, an empty one.

However, this film has a cutting edge in the view of the fact that it has the potential to surprise and amaze its viewers with a better understanding each time they would watch it again. Watching it the first time around, the audience could be questioning the true motivations of the film and the characters themselves. There could always be a new discovery or unearthing of an interpretation, more questions could arise. There is always gratification and amusement in finding out what it is truly about. The audience is given a role in trying to interpret and give meaning to the series of events, not to mention the lack of information presented. Moreover, it was able to portray a great deal of allurement and grandeur as to the way the camera moved and the angles shot, which allowed the audience to be fully cognizant of the true emotional states of the characters.

Justifying the title itself, the plot was quite adventurous for a movie in the 60’s, which often than not, followed almost the same narratives with idealised portrayal of love and romantic relationships. This film was definitely daring for that time, it is not exactly the adventure that we know of, but it is rather a strange one. 


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