The Adventure

The story of the L’avventura is misleading because the central point of the movie is not the search for the mysterious disappearance of Anna, but about what happens between Claudia and Sandro as they search for her. I found the film L’avventura to be a great example of the complexity of human emotion and relationships. The film shows this complexity of relationships through the characters Sandro, Anna, and Claudia. We can see that Sandro and Anna are having a difficult time in their relationship because he is always out on long business trips. Sandro does not listen to her and instead ignores her, and this causes her to run away and disappear. Sandro and Claudia begin searching for her together, and also a relationship forms between them. Claudia is not open to it at first but later on in the film, the two become romantically involved. Although it seems they are both in love, there are times of uncertainty in Claudia’s love like when she waits for Sandro to return from the hotel and is surrounded by hungry looking men. She feels guilty about seeing Anna and runs away to a store. Sandro also complicates the situation when he flirts with another woman named Gloria and they have sexual intercourse. The end scene shows that Sandro and Claudia have come to reconcile and there is a hint at a continued relationship. The character Anna becomes unimportant to the film’s story because her mysterious disappearance becomes unsolved. I believe that the title does not refer to the search for Anna, but describes the relationship and emotional rollercoaster among the characters in the film. After watching the film, I find the motives and thoughts of the characters confusing because at the end of the film Sandro and Claudia still end up together and Anna is forgotten. Sandro is a shallow and selfish man who just wants to get satisfied because of how he moves from on from each woman, and yet Claudia still falls for him.

Although the film is highly acclaimed, I find the story to be dragging and unexciting because of how little is accomplished over the two hours of the film. The start of the film is where the most excitement and build up is because we are introduced to the rocky relationship between Sandro and Anna and then all of a sudden her mysterious disappearance. The search for her starts off exciting because it makes the audience curious about her, but then the film veers away from her and instead focuses on Claudia and Sandro’s relationship. I did not get that invested in their relationship because the characters do not display that deep of an emotional bond and are just in it for the sexual pleasure. Claudia is so quick to come back to Sandro, and he moves from girl to girl that it makes the relationship seem so shallow. I also think that this story of their relationship is prolonged too long over the course of the film because how there is little development in the characters and in the story. Although I do believe that this story greatly reflects society as there are many shallow relationships and people in the world.

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