A woman is a woman: The impact of silences and pauses

To say that “A woman is a woman” is a feminist movie is to undermine the complexity of this film. Godard’s carefully crafted cinematic masterpiece is not something that would strike you as very interesting right out, but it has a particular hook—the kind that makes you wait patiently for when the film is going to pick up its pace. Now, it was mentioned that this film is a musical. Knowing that, a lot of people would expect dramatic musical scores anchoring the plot and continuous episodes where actors erupt into chorus throughout the film. But “A woman is a woman” shied away from that. Instead of being disruptive and sudden, the ‘musical’ aspect of the film underscored the sudden silences and pauses of music. This rather ingenious way of playing with music highlighted the moments where the character seemed to be viewed from a third person perspective, moments where Angela was vulnerable, moments where you just know something significant is about to happen. 


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