L’avventura di chi? (The Adventure of Who?) – My reaction on Antonioni’s L’Avventura

Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’Avventura is not your typical love story wherein the rich woman marries the rich man and they live happily ever after, no. The movie was actually quite far from that, which may have also been the reason as to why I surprisingly found this movie very interesting. The title L’Avventura or “the adventure” in English narrates that there will be a certain mystery to the film that the characters will have to deal with. I quickly assumed that they will all be stuck in a remote island filled with trees and killer creatures that will slowly take the life of each character one by one. I was wrong. Instead of an island filled with exotic plants and creatures, they were in an island filled with nothing but rocks. Even a shore wasn’t present in that island. At that certain point, my expectations for the film lowered since it turned out to be pretty dull in the middle parts of the film.

The black and white cinematography of the film shows the classic and sophisticated style of film that European authors and directors are known for. Along side with the visuals of the movie, the script-writing was also a factor as to why this movie can be difficult for regular film viewers to understand. This film does not have that much climax, rise and even a fall to its plot. Not much emotion was shown which is a little ironic since the title is about adventure. After trying to grasp the message that the director may want to exhibit to his audience, the biggest question I had in my head was “This is the adventure of which character?”. This was the question I kept on asking myself since the movie started with Anna saying goodbye to her father, which then move to her and her lover Sandro talking about their life together. After her disappearance, the story quickly revolved on Anna’s best friend Claudia who Sandro started to be attracted to.

In summary, I am not quite sure if I enjoyed the movie or feel disappointed (especially with the ending) with the film. I really found the visuals and the character very appealing especially with the 1960’s feel in Italy. However, with the film’s plot and how the story lacked progression, I found it to be a little bland.


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