The Five Obstructions

The film “The Five Obstructions” by Danish director Lars von Trier, was definitely one of the most challenging movie that I had to analyse. To start off, I was a little confused as to why scenes from being a documentary would change to a man eating inside a box-like figure is being shot by the camera for a long period of time without even having a proper conversation. Next issue that I had was the fact that this movie was created based from Jorgen Leth’s “The Perfect Human” in 1967.

I will be honest, I really did have a hard time following the movie that is why I hardly have anything to say about the film. However, this curiosity of mine bothered me because I really wanted to understand the film as much as I can. With the help of the internet and some analysis of the film available, I just learned that the film was sort-of a documentary that included certain challenges or “obstructions” that Tier and Leth created. As the movie progresses, we find out the Leth has been leading over Trier but then he makes one more challenge which forces Leth to recreate his own “The Perfect Human” film. This “fifth obstruction” gives a clue that there is still a continuation after this documentary.

Compared to the other European film that I was able to watch, this film was indeed harder to understand even though it was created more recently than the other films. A reason as to why I found this film difficult was may be because this film was in documentary form. Unlike the other films which focused on visuals and cinematography, this film by Trier brought out a more sophisticated and yet a clever way of telling a story.fullwidth.200b994d.jpg

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