The Five Trials At The Perfect Human

First hearing about this film, I was extremely excited to watch it. My sister who is a huge movie buff highly recommended the film prior to me taking this class and spoke very highly of both directors. She had mentioned about the disturbing factor the movie had. And so, with previous biases from my sister I was expecting the movie and Von Trier to be vaguely eccentric. To my surprise it was a refreshing take at remaking the short film “The Perfect Human” by the director Jørgen Leth. Lars Von Trier who was mentored by Leth had asked his former colleague to help him with his new concept film. The point of the film from my understanding was to recreate the original short film Leth had previously directed and do it in different variations with obstacles or obstructions if you will. The five different obstructions acted as challenges for Leth to see if he could turn his previous short film into a role-playing film.

The film “The Five Obstructions” is not for everyone. It relied on the how the audience/viewers reacted to the persona of Lars Von Trier. Von Trier was notorious for the stunt he pulled in a previous Cannes Festival after the jury did not rule his film the best.

What I loved most about the film was that it was not simply one remake of “The Perfect Human”, it was broken down into five different pieces variations with each obstruction containing a specific limitation.

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