L’Avventura: Relationships

In Michelangelo’s Antonioni’s film, L’Avventura or in English the Adventure seems to have a misleading title because I expected that the film would involve some sort of journey with the main characters in a rocky area. It actually did not venture on what I thought it would be of a typical island adventure. In fact, the island that they ended up staying in or getting stuck in, as previously mentioned was just surrounded with rocks. Instead of “the island adventure”, it was unexpectedly focused on some sort of “love” story. Although, the film mainly talks about a certain truth about the reality of relationships. More often than not, blockbuster films depict love and relationships in an ideal way or would present it in such a way that it achieves its purpose that is to entertain.

            The focus of the narrative was to portray love as an adventure how its very uncertain that a person cannot simply determine what comes next. All relationships will always be tested and goes through difficult times. The challenging circumstance that this couple experienced is that they had a long distance relationship for quite some time. Evidently, this affected the dynamic of their relationship and this reached to the point that Anna even told him that she wants to be left alone. She suddenly disappeared during their trip, which I found a bit odd since the area seemed like a place that she could not have gone anywhere else without anyone noticing. Although, the boyfriend made an effort to search and look for her along with her friend.

 Perhaps, with the amount of time they were spending with each other, it could be implied they eventually developed feelings. Though, I personally do not consider that as an excuse him for pursuing her. It seemed off for me since Claudia was a close friend of Anna. As for Claudia, how could she betray her own friend by doing such a thing. I was not surprised that Sandro was caught cheating by Claudia in the latter part of the film. I found the initial reaction of the Sandro very odd since he tried to hide from the girl. Since it was quite obvious what he was doing already and I hate how he ended up following her and cried in front of her. On the other hand, it was frustrating that the last scene showed how Claudia also comforted him despite what she had witnessed.

            I certainly found one of the scenes disturbing, the men on the street were casually gazing then eventually staring at Claudia. The way they were looking really made me think that “parang ‘di ba sila nakakakita ng babae dati”, it really made me feel uncomfortable. Apart from this, there were a number of sexual scenes that made it seem like most of the male leads had a static characteristic. They were depicted as men who gets away with whatever they do or usually even sexually engaged. Overall, I found the plot interesting but it seemed to lack some details.

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