L’Avventura: Sandro’s Toxic Masculinity

The film was very artistic in the way that the scenes made use of beautiful images. The film was also black and white, which added to the dramatic effect of the film.



It can also be said that the film can teach its viewers a lesson or two about life. First and foremost, closure is important. The film starts by showing the love story of Sandro and Anna. But then, Anna goes missing. In Sandro and Claudia’s (Anna’s best friend) attempts to find her, they fall into a love affair with each other and somehow forget that Anna is missing. This made me feel so uneasy and uncomfortable the whole time because I was just waiting for Anna to reappear again or maybe for the characters to talk about her again because it felt like the character and the situation just suddenly vanished. Had they given the viewers some kind of explanation as to how Anna disappeared and suggestions that they would not continue the quest for her anymore, then maybe I would have enjoyed the movie more. But, this teaches us that we don’t get everything we want and are expecting. Just like in real life, there are some things that we just do not know the answer to. Some mysteries remain mysteries until the end of time.

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For me, the movie reflects toxic masculinity. I was bothered by the way Sandro just kept changing partners not long after his lover went missing. The image where Sandro was sitting down on the bench while the woman was standing up beside him when it was clear that they could both be sitting down on the spacious bench, shows that men are superior over women in the film. There was no sign of chivalry at all. Sandro played with women and used them as a distraction for Anna’s disappearance. Sandro gave up searching for his supposed significant other. He lost interest and patience so quickly in finding her. It may be sad to say that Sandro reflects an aspect of our life that we cannot control. Sometimes, we lose interest and passion in something that we thought we’d always love forever. Sandro proves that for some people, it is very easy to replace relationships and find new things to care for. Sandro proves that in a relationship between two people, there is always someone who gives more and receives more. In the movie, it seems like Sandro was the one who took Anna for granted, maybe that’s why she chose to disappear.

The only thing that I like about the movie is that it teaches us to learn how to move on and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is inevitable that there are questions that we would never know the answers to no matter how hard we try. I also learned that there are some irrational and unreasonable people who we will encounter in our life, but it’s best to accept this because life goes on. Some people try to be unapologetic because they think it’s okay to broken, since everyone is broken in their own way anyway. But personally, I think we should avoid the likes of Sandro. We must always try to be the best versions of ourselves and face life with a deep sense of ownership and responsibility.



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