Good Bye, Berlin Wall

The film “Good Bye, Lenin” is a controversial comedy on the political propaganda on Germany’s divided nation. East Germany’s socialist aspect as well as West Germany’s capitalist point of view.

I feel that it was admirable of the family to keep the secret of the reunification of Germany. Out of fear of losing their mother, they wildly kept the secret in such a messy comedic way.

What I liked most about the movie was the main theme of it was that it was an unconventional love story. When I say unconventional, I mean that the love story is more of a son’s love for his mother. And in this movie particularly it is needed most as the mother was going through a lot with her husband leaving her and her children and so she filled that emotional spot in her life with her love for her political party. And I find it so sweet of Alex to recognise that and maintain that image for his mother as long as he could.

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