Holy Motors: “WTF” personified on the silver screen

Maaaaaaaaaannnn this is the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen, let me explain…

Okay, so the movie follows this guy, Oscar, and his driver, Celine, around Paris to various “appointments”. The appointments requires Oscar to take on various roles, that he’s given via a folder of the persona he will take on, and go around Paris in said persona. The first one being a female beggar, the next one has Oscar dawn a motion capture suit for a movie or a video game (it’s not explicitly stated what it’s for). The weirdest role (in my opinion) that Oscar has to play is some sort of a leprechaun. As the leprechaun, he is wearing many prosthetics to make his appearance more gross and repulsive. He then proceeds to run through a cemetery taking the flowers from the graves and eating them. BUT that’s not even the weirdest part, he then goes to a photoshoot, bites off an assistant’s finger and then kidnaps the model and brings her to the sewers of Paris. The model doesn’t say or do anything, but just goes with it, which confuses me just as much.

An interesting part of the film is the revelation that he is part of an agency that has other “actors” who take on different personas through their various “appointments”. This was seen when Oscar was talking with this lady who he knew in the past, but maybe as a different name when they were in an appointment together.

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