Holy motors was a strange film for me. Mr. Oscar, the main character at first seemed to be a legit businessman or politician at first, especially when he entered into a limousine in his business suit or talked about guns and security guards. However, I would be wrong and it was clearly a deception because he would then shift into various strange roles that had no connections with one another. First it was a lady that begs on the streets and next it was a virtual auditorium where he acted as something unusual and engaged in a sex scene with an actress, and so on. It was evident that character development is not really placed in focus as characters are static all throughout. For the case of Mr. Oscar, his motives and reasons for doing such acts is not really clear, as it only goes as far as saying that he does it for the “beauty of the act”. However, these acts may seem to even go over the line. In one scenario, he would bite off a finger of a lady, while acting as a really ugly man that wanted to wreck havoc. Things also got bloody when he acted as a gangster and stabbed a bald man that looked like him. In this scene, he also gets stabbed. The character of Eva Mendes also gives a strange feeling, as she does not react hysterically towards the actions of Me. Oscar, despite the chaos he brought. She also does not react violently when he bites her hair off, eats some bills, strips naked, or even licks her body. I found this scene quite disgusting, because even if he was really just acting for the “appointment”, I believe it was taken too far and no one was even watching anymore. 

Because of his altering roles, his identity was never really clear and we only seem to know him as Mr. Oscar and he has a limousine and driver who brings him to his “appointments” which are located in different areas that require him to be in different roles. His limousine is also stashed with various costumes that allow him to fulfill his roles successfully. Another glimpse of his true identity came when he fetched his daughter from the party. As a father, he supported his daughter making friends and going dancing. However, he would be disappointed as his daughter did not engage with the people and hid in the bathroom instead, claiming that her friend Sonia is the one who had the attention of the boys. Furthermore, she believes she is also unattractive and manifests the same traits as her father. Mr. Oscar was disappointed and brought his daughter home as he continues to fulfill his remaining appointments. In some sense, I also get the feeling that Mr. Oscar is not in touch anymore with reality. Given that, he has performed various roles, it is possible that he is simply feeding an illusion that he is an actor. Overall, it was an odd film that wanted to showcase acting skills. 

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