HOLY COW.. is what was continuously being said in my head throughout each scene of this movie. In most movies, the longer you watch the film the more you get to understand everything, but this is definitely not the case for this film. It seemed that whenever I added another scene to the big picture, the more did it unhinge me. I was just getting more puzzled as I watched the film. Even until the very end, when you would expect to have everything finally piece together, things were just made even more confusing.

The movie started with Monsieur Oscar in what I think is his actual form? At the time he just seemed to be an ordinary wealthy businessman who lived in a great house, and owns a limo, but his day to day assignments proved otherwise. M. Oscar had 8 assignments for the day and through his assignments he was able to showcase to me the abnormalities and the randomness of life. Through his different roles/personas, I sort of tried to make sense out of everything by proving to myself the significance of what he’s doing. I just feel that, although some assignments he did were weird and seemed to have no positive effect on anybody, there are actual people in our world who act similarly and they are sort of important in maintaining the balance of the world, I guess?

Just when things got really weird after the finger-biting homeless, and old beggar woman role M. Oscar surpasses death? Or so I think he does? He gets stabbed in the neck and you’d expect him to die by then, but he turns out fine and goes on towards his next assignment. Later on in the movie, it is revealed that other people involved in M. Oscar’s assignments, are also playing a role or doing an assignment as well. This just made things even more confusing, and I really couldn’t tell between reality within the film, and acts vis-a-vis.

As he continued to succeed in completing his assignments, I started to doubt his humaneness due to how much talent he had. It didn’t seem possible to be that talented to be able to perform all these personas. Without consulting external analysis, I came to the conclusion that M. Oscar is a robot, or isn’t human at least? This probably isn’t the case, but to me it explained a lot of blurry parts in the movie. How he was able to escape death, how he was able to have so much unique talents and skills, and how an agency with so much parallelisms between employees are just some of the parts explained by my theory. Even the title could seem to hint to something of the likes.

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