Holy Motors

Out of all the films that I have watched so far for this class, the film Holy Motors has left me the most confused and uncertain because of its bizarre plot and acting. I am not sure if there even is clear story goal in the film because of the many random scenes and subplots. Throughout the film, Mr. Oscar is tasked with many different roles and complex scenes that can be for another person or sometimes for no reason at all. The role that struck me the most is his third role wherein he plays the role of a crazy red haired man, and he kidnaps a beautiful model from her photoshoot in the cemetery. This struck me the most because his acting showed a completely different person from his last role. I felt very disturbed and scared for the actress because based from his irrational behaviour I thought he was going to kill her. He brought her to the cave and ate a part of her hair, and then he strips off his clothes and goes to sleep on her. This scene also confused me because I was wondering if he did this role for no reason as there were no cameras seen filming his performance. The terror and fear of the people looked so genuine that it looked unscripted and very real. Another moment in the film which I did not understand was the last part wherein Mr. Oscar reaches his last role which is a family scene, but it turns out his wife and daughter are both chimpanzees. All these roles are very random and do not seem to be connected, and because of that it leaves me wondering how to make sense of it.

Despite the confusing and random scenes in the film, I think it makes a great job in blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. There are many scenes in the film, which I am unsure of if they are his real life or just a role Mr. Oscar played. One scene which looked very real was when he picked up his “daughter” from a party, and scolded her for staying in the bathroom and not socialising with others. The whole scene was inside a car, and there was no indication that he was being filmed or that it was really a role. I thought that she could have been really his daughter, and that this could have been a peek at his real life. Then there is another scene with a woman named Eva who supposedly had a child with Mr. Oscar in the past, and then after leaving he sees Eva and her partner jump off a building. The pain he shows makes me think that his relationship with Eva could have been real as well, but then if it was real why did he just run away to the car instead of staying to help. Finally the last scene shows him having a chimpanzee family, and this leaves me being unsure again about what is his real life. I think that this uncertainty in the film is what makes it exciting because it makes the audience continuously reflect and try to understand what they are watching.

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