Holy Motors: A surrealistic take on film making

Splashing around in a pool of wit, theatrical splendour and unbounded imagination, Holy Motors is a true original, serving as an avenue for us to open our minds towards what could be. There is something so thrilling about its lawlessness leaving the audience more engrossed, wondering “what’s gonna happen next?”

The spontaneous turn of events kind of remind us that there is so much more to discover, so much more to see. It reminds me of simulation games where you could choose a character you’d want to play with a number of lives, the possibilities are endless. 

There is something so enigmatic about the way Denis Lavant’s character, Monsieur Oscar moves, how he takes on new roles or embodiments and portrays them quite perfectly, it is almost believable. His embodiments were so intriguing it gets you thinking, is this a mere simulation? Could there be a schizophrenic phenomena? Denis Lavant probably took on one of the most strenuous and demanding roles of all time, having to portray ten different personas. 

We learn to appreciate the physical tremor actors may go through as they portray their own roles with great skill and talent stretching themselves out just for the love of the craft. This is exemplified when a mysterious man with a red mark on his face asks Monsieur Oscar if he was getting tired in his job. 

As part of the audience, you learn how to choose not to make sense of it anymore and just simply enjoy watching the events that unfold. The filmmaker gives you the power to define it and give your own interpretations. It could bring in a new kind of cinema, one that is more explorative of the plot, stepping out of the cinematic conventions, letting go of its habitual and ritualistic ways. 

I think the filmmaker was exceptionally visionary and valiant. The entire movie felt like a fantasy dream, that could take you to places and allow you take on whatever role you would want. Despite the unconventional plot, it was still an oddly spellbinding film that open-minded individuals would love indefinitely. Its plot is unparalleled, without a doubt. Its peculiarity made the film an avant-garde masterpiece. 

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