Humor and Secrecy

Trollhunter was a movie that showed a coexistence of humor and suspense. I believe the movie was a great artwork that thrilled its audience with the kind of thrill you get from horror movies such as Jaws, Anaconda, Crocodile, and etc. In this case, the movie made use of mysterious creatures in the form of trolls. I thought it was also creative of them to make the film into a video made by students, of which were silenced by the government in order to prevent the public from knowing the existence of trolls. Because of this nature, the film was able to get away with shaky cameras and poor video effects, as the nature of the film made it understandable. 

In terms of the plot, it was very clear where the students want to expose the existence of trolls. Hans, the expert troll hunter, was the key to success for their mission. It started with convincing, then their persistence pays off and Hans made them a key figure in his pursuits. To be honest, I expected a lot more casualties especially with a film like this that evokes danger. By having more casualties, it would really give the trolls a lot of credibility as a dangerous creature. However, the movie did just enough to show what it is capable of such as barreling through trees, eating sheep, and killing their fellow camera crew. In terms of the ending, it was announced at the beginning and the real ending of the movie simply showed how it was played out. I believe the ending of the movie gave the audience a feeling of curiosity on the situation of the kids and doubt towards the government. The movie also inserted a short humorous clip that showed the government admitting to the existence of trolls to the public, with no one noticing. 

One of the things I expected from the story was the effect of the bite on one of the main characters. After discovering that trolls had rabies, the character showed signs of weakening as if it is showing a more negative effect of the bite. However, the movie does not show what happens, although it gets away with it due to the fact that it was a film made by students who disappeared. 

I believe the film also allows its audience to question the reality of hidden mysteries. For instance, the development of power lines is known to power cities, households, buildings, and etc. However in the movie, its hidden reason is to limit the movement of the trolls. Furthermore, the movie also conveys how the government is very serious about hiding facts from the public such as the existence of trolls. Instances of this could be seen on how they cover up troll incidents with dead bears, as authorities would always be a step ahead of the media. Another instance is how government cars chased the students who filmed the movie in the ending in order to prevent critical information from decimating to the public sphere. 

Overall, I believe Trollhunter was a great suspense film. It made me watch, as there is always a thrill whether the characters will make it out alive or not in every troll situation. Furthermore, it also allowed Hans to exhibit his skills and show why he is the man they call on to control troll activities.  

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