In André Øvredal’s Trollhunter, we can a glimpse of how European films can also tackle mainstream and genre themes to be applied to to the culture of the country the film is made in, in this case Norway. It was an interesting pivot, especially after Holy Motors, to watch a film that was made to entertain. There was really less hidden meanings or symbolism that was made in the film that was in contrast to the more arthouse film that we have tackled. This shows a different side to European films, which is less about artistic sensibility, but more wanting to be accessible and be entertain the audience. It also shows that it is a film that uses genre tropes like fantasy to not only showcase the culture of Norway, but also used as the device to make the film an amusing watch. The most interesting part of the film for me is the melding of two kinds of film genre, found footage and fantasy, to create a film that attracts the audience’s attention.

The film was beautifully shot and showcases the gorgeous landscapes around Norway. Using these beautiful setting, the film veers away from what most other found footage films look like. Other found footage films tend to have an ugly cinematography, to make it appear realistic, and confusing camera movement. But, this film was able to escape this genre stereotype by using the environment around them as an attractive looking setting.

The characters are also an interesting bunch, although they did lack depth or any character development. They were all likeable and were easy to engage with, which makes the audience interested in the story they are trying to tell and keep their attention to the characters. It was also interesting to see the use of comedic themes to keep to humanize the characters, especially the trollhunter named Hans. This was an interesting use of comedy, especially noting that the characters experience fantastic and horrific instances. This combination of moods was really molded together well so that there were different levels of entertainment in the film.

The best part of the film was really the world building like nature, where we are introduced to the reality that trolls are living in our world. The trolls were very interesting that the filmmaker adapted them to how they would fit in our world right now. This was successfully done by the filmmakers to creatively create a world, where the magical creatures are government kept secret. The use of TSS, was also a creative way how our world could handle these magical creature around us.

Lastly, what I appreciated most of the film is that it did not take itself seriously. By doing this, the filmmakers were able to have fun and create an enjoyable film. The addition of the conspiracy theory  aspect, seen most at the end with the Norwegian politician in real life, showcases the entertaining ways the filmmakers did to create an alternate world with trolls. In the end, the film was an enjoyable ride that doesn’t make it difficult to understand. The filmmakers gave us everything we need to understand, so that we just need to watch and enjoy the show instead.

Enrico R. Barruela COM 115.5 A

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