Good Bye, Lenin!!!

If you were to watch this film without knowing the history of Germany, it would be very difficult for you to understand the references and comedic jokes that we shown in the film. 

“Good Bye, Lenin talks about the separation of East and West Germany during the years of 1980. As they were nearing the final days before the Berlin Wall collapses, riots and protests started to occur across the different cities of Germany. A communist and supporter of the Berlin Wall, Christiane, came across her son, Alex participating in the riot and was eventually beaten up by the police. Because of which, she suffers a heart attack and enters into a coma. During the 8 months of her being unconscious, the Berlin Wall collapses and the East and West Germany become unified. Several changes started coming into Germany. And her children do the best they could to hide this from her before she falls into another heart attack. 

In the film, “Good bye, Lenin”, time plays an important role in reliving, restoring, and dismantling old memories. It puts importance in the shift of changes in Germany and how it was able to rekindle the characters in the film. Which is why, when we encounter the post-war era of Germany, we see the different varieties of cultures that was broadcasted in the books, newspapers and television. The people of Germany in the film came to celebrate bigger change that was done in their country, which is one of the most pivotal themes that reflects the entire film. It was easy for Germany to accept the changes in their country, but not for the Alex’s family. As soon as their mom fell into a coma, they changed the interior of their house, and the sister started a new line of work and was dressing differently as well. But, once the mom woke up from her coma, they started putting things back to the way they were and started keeping from her the fall of the Berlin Wall. All of which was done because of Alex’s love for his mother, which is definitely what kept the whole plot running. 

The playful story that went on in this film did not have to involve politics, and fixated more on the relationship between Alex and Christiane under a historical point in time of Germany. Other than that, it talks about the feeling of nostalgia among the characters. Given that time plays an important role, the feeling of nostalgia of the past lingers and the relationship of the family revolves around it. 

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