Caught In a Loop

I felt a lot of thrill in the first part of the movie. It really showed a lot of suspense, as if the main character was being haunted. In a sense I thought it would be a creepy serial killer, similar to movies like Happy Death Day, where the killer wears a mask to haunt the main character. In the first part of the movie, when there was a naked lady, I thought that it would either be a woman who could possibly be a ghost or a woman who was a victim. The latter one was correct but there was a deeper story at play. When I saw the title, I thought it would be a form of detective film, similar to NCIS however it would actually be more of a time travel film although some detective films do entertain the element of time travel in order to see or to know missing parts of the story. 

When I heard, it was a low budget form of film, it was indeed inconsistent with the nature of the film, as it involved time traveling which entails advanced technologies however the low budget film somehow pulls it off by placing it in a rural setting. I thought that the rural setting was indeed a way to cover up the low budget. On the other hand, the house of the scientist also contributed to covering up the low budget factor. I believe it tried to look futuristic with the coffee maker, laboratory, and etc. However, I thought it looked like a regular mansion that a rich person may own instead of a house that contains inventions and advanced technologies. 

It would not take long in the movie for viewers to realize who the killer is. However, I thought it was also entertaining how everything in the movie is caught in a loop where it uncovers how each sequence plays out through the view of each Hector that came from different times. It would then be uncovered that it was Hector himself, that causes all these catastrophes. Of course, this would be in different forms and also with the scientist contributing to the event. 

I believe in one scene of the movie, which brought back the suspense was when the woman dies. At first, I thought he killed his own wife accidentally by trying to chase the other woman, whom he met in the forest. However, it will soon be found out that it was the latter who was unintentionally killed. I believe the different characters of Hector is the one that really drove the plot. 

Overall, I believe it was a great movie that uncovered different aspects of a specific story. I really enjoyed the film, especially when it comes to solving crimes and this was a movie that was different from what I have seen before. Usually, there is a detective that drives the plot but in this case, it was Hector himself through different versions of himself that allows the story to unfold. 

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