Timecrimes: a Roller Coaster Ride


Timecrimes or Los Cromocrímenes directed by Nacho Vigalondo is truly a must-see film especially for those who are into time traveling. It presents a different perspective to these types of movies which typically gear towards emotional, scientific, and action, such as The Time Traveller’s Wife, Interstellar, and The Terminator. Instead of following the plot of these popular movies, I think that Vigalondo took a risk when he decided to make a time-traveling film that has a thriller/horror genre.


maxresdefault (1)DUt0x9HU0AIpSwPHow the movie turned out eventually was not really what I was expecting at the beginning. There was no sense of adventure at the start of the movie. Having an old man with a big stomach who likes lounging on his deck chair, and has sexual engagements with his wife as the protagonist of the film, I thought the movie would revolve around Hector and his perversions. After all, he looked like a “dirty old man”. And the scene where he was spying on the woman who was stripping in the woods only affirmed this thought. But all of a sudden, the film became a bit more mysterious and weird when the naked woman was shown lifeless, lying down on the rocks. And the appearance of the man with a bloody bandaged face gave the whole class a jumpscare. The scene exemplifies the saying, curiosity killed the cat. Now we know, if ever we see a woman getting naked in the middle of the woods, do not follow her! The movie also made me think about the ugly outcome of the woman who only tried to help Hector. In the end, she was used, abused, and even sacrificed. The movie made it understandable why a lot of people have trust issues, who can blame them?

I’m not really a fan of horror movies so I was strategically covering my eyes in the scenes that followed this. Thankfully, the fear that we were all feeling came to an end when we realized that it was in fact, a time-traveling movie and that the man who was trying to kill Hector was none other than Hector himself, only older by a few hours. Thus, it can be said that the genre changes as the different Hectors are explored in the movie. From jumpscares, horror, tension, to time traveling and sci-fi, and then ending with somewhat a thriller, suspense, and danger, the movie really was quite a roller coaster of an experience!

Although the film was made with a low budget, it sure it did not feel like so. The fact that it won an award for best picture only proves this. All in all, the movie was successful in conveying the different emotions and feelings of the story. It left me with a question in my head: What started the loop? How did it all start? Although mind-boggling, the timeline was presented well, and it surely leaves the audience with their own interpretation, which I find appropriate for this movie. I might have felt confused, but it was a good kind of confusion which kept me at the edge of my seat, excited to watch even more.

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