Timecrimes: A Polarizing Take on Time Travel

Image result for timecrimesWith a low budget, a complex plot, a simple execution, and an unpredictable story line, Timecrimes easily became one of my favorite films that we have watched this semester. Despite being a low-budget film, they still made it work as it does something interesting with their take on time travel as a thriller/sci-fi/suspense film. I found myself really hooked in the film as the plot twists and turns during the movie really made it unpredictable, which I really enjoyed.

Having only four characters in the movie, Timecrimes made use of a small setting, which takes on time traveling where Hector, the main character, finds himself being part of a time loop as he is forced to interact with his other selves to keep things in place. It shows how his actions were already predetermined and he is challenged on how to execute these actions when he realizes that it is also him who needs to make the decisions for things to remain the same as it happened in previous timelines.

There are a lot of things that I didn’t expect in this film, but as each part of the story unfolded, it all made sense in the end. For instance, we really didn’t understand the woman who undresses in the forest at first, but it eventually shows how she was innocent and how she was just trying to help, but he was only forced by Hector to do these things. One might be confused while watching the film since it has three timelines and three Hectors, but I found it enjoyable to see how each Hector contributed to the series of events that happened in the movie.

Relatively, the film is one of the time travel films that I really enjoyed since it really invoked suspense and how it unfolded the story made it easier to understand, compared to other time travel films that are more confusing. It was evident that the story was very well thought-out, since these types of films are actually difficult to execute because of every detail that needs to be accurate for it to work. Just by missing a small part of the film changes everything because during the film, there were parts that I didn’t understand initially, but eventually made sense when the next timeline was shown.

I was personally polarized by how each plot unfolded and how the horrifying chain of events by Hector’s encounters with himself came about. This is something usual that happens in time travel films and how things go wrong when you change something or when you interact with your other self, but Hector was able to manage to keep things together, but ultimately at the expense of killing the woman in the forest in the process. I also observed the shift in Hector’s personality and character throughout the film, having to make choices that were predetermined for him since he did not have any other choice.

Overall, I really found Timecrimes as a clever and complex film that is enjoyable to watch. I also like how it really made the viewers think since it had three timelines, each adding another layer to the film.

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