Compared to the past films, Timecrimes is one of the most thrilling and interesting films because of its use of time travel and horror. I am very fond of horror and science fiction films because how it explores the unreal and makes it seem so real that it makes my imagination go free. Timecrimes starts of very mysterious and strange because of how we see Hector see a woman undress in the forest. Then when Hector investigates, a bandaged man stabs him, and this causes him to flee to a building and into a time traveling machine. Then we see the mystery of the bandaged man become clear, because it turns out to be Hector himself who became injured and forced the woman to undress. Learning this later in the film shocked me, but it also made sense as the film progressed. Even though this film is a thriller, I still find some elements of horror in it especially at the start. It shows this through the air of mystery with the bandaged killer, and through the several jump scares in the film.

I really enjoyed this element of time travel because it adds more intensity to the thrill of the film. The character is fighting against time to fix his mistakes, and this makes the audience more curious about if he will succeed or not. Time is always passing, and so if he made a big mistake then his efforts would mess with the timeline again. This concept reminds me of the film interstellar because the main character is also in a race against time to save the Earth. There are is one scene wherein the planet they visited made them so many years on Earth, and at that point there seems to be little hope. Timecrimes does this as well when Hector fails to follow the scientists advice of letting time unfold, and this leads to the death of his wife.

I find the main character to be very flawed because of how he acts without really thinking and on what he wants. One of the main roots of the problem in the film is that he is unfaithful to his wife. During the initial part of the film, he is sitting outside of his house, and then he sees a woman undressing in the forest. Instead of staying in the house, he goes out to check the naked woman, and this starts the chain of events which he tries to fix in the film. Another example is when Hector travels back in time, the scientist tells him to just stay put and let time unfold, but instead Hector goes out and drives away and gets into an accident. If he had just listened to the scientist, then things probably would have been better, and he would not have had to go back again in time to fix. I think it is these flaws that make him very relatable for the audience. We all make mistakes and can give in to temptation, but the struggle to fix these mistakes and become better is what makes us human.

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