Timecrimes by Nacho Vigalondo

This film was quite the entertaining ride. It really caught me off guard how the narrative progressed because I genuinely thought it would be a sort of slasher horror film that would end in the protagonist’s death. In the beginning I did not expect for the time travel aspect to be a part of the plot because there was never an indication from the movies aesthetics that it would take this turn. The time travelling was confusing at times but it helped reason with the earlier missing plot points that made you go “ah, so that’s why he did what he did”. As the story goes back and forth to deepen the plot I kept anticipating the cause and effects of each of his actions.

Yet the movie surprised me as a time travel thriller that was exciting and really kept me on my toes wondering what would happen next. The film started off simple, a husband and wife going about their day but suddenly the husband, Hector, sees something odd beyond the fences of his home. It was a wild trip from that point on wards. Seeing everything unfold and seeing how he had to follow through with these all the wrong things pilling on top of each other. It was shocking to watch how he had to kill an innocent woman and having to have three versions of himself reliving the day over and over. It was quite scary at times because in the beginning you never realize the madness in Hector until he acted upon it. The slow and steady decent to him becoming his own enemy and making that day his own personal and living hell. All three Hectors sort of blurred into each other wherein we would have to watch the same events and connecting why and how the events took place. You do not know whether to sympathize with the Hectors or would rather see them as a villain. You sympathize with him because he is just an average man protecting himself and his wife but then you also see him as a villain in him having to be the reason for someone’s death and being the cause for a temporary paradox that affected lives.

I enjoyed the movie a lot as I have never seen a time travelling movie such as this and with an added thriller/horror added to it. It was action packed and fun to see how each event unfolded. In the end you see how much man would do to resolve his problems and yet want to avoid it at all costs. I would recommend this movie to people who may be into these time travelling science fiction-y drama because as stated it sort of deviates from the average as it adds more depth with it being a thriller/horror. The actors especially Hector played by Karra Elejalde was brilliant making the viewers hooked on to the story wanting to see how everything played out in the end.

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