Das Edukators

The Edukators was a classic european film which tries to depict a form of robin hood but instead of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, they try to send a message to all wealthy individuals/families that comfortability is not acceptable with regards to their lifestyle. What I feel the “Edukators” are trying to demonstrate with their acts is that they are anti capitalistic and are trying to advocate for socialism. In this respect, I found the movie interesting as they were taking the fight into their own hands. But it is all about perception as how would the edukators know what is too much money to be had? Who gives them the power to decide?

I see the movie as a political movement trying to be created by the youth as they crave a sense of change in the way things are run in that time’s society. The only problem is deciding where to start and struggling with the process of doing so. And so with this combo, a juvenile idea was born of desperation which involved breaking and entering and even kidnapping. What it shows however is the struggle of the people at that time who are helpless and are in desperate need for change. This is all because no real way to channel the pent of anger of politics is being adapted.

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