Bloody Instinct

Raw was a movie that had involved a lot of blood and gruesome shots that were difficult to watch. For me, I believe the movie exerted efforts to place emphasis on the sense of gore into the movie. The best instance for this is when Justine wakes up with Adrien. Justine tries to please him however she finds out that Adrien’s leg has been devoured by Alexis, the sister of Justine. The shot of what is left of Adrien’s leg does not go uncensored. 

I believe the camera shots of the film like to focus on details that are not exactly the most comfortable. One case would be the bikini wax scene of Justine being made by her sister. Furthermore, the same case can be said when Justine slowly eats the finger of her sister just right after, which I will go back to later on. Another scene would be how Justine sneaks in the refrigerator after eating shawarma with Adrien. She eats a piece of raw seafood that sparks this behavior. This is also the case where Justine fights with Alexis after the video went viral for the whole school to see an intoxicated Justine being teased by her sister with a dead human body. The fight involved a lot of scratching, exaggerated biting, and deep wounds. 

In terms of the movie’s plot, it does cover the holes. One thing that shocked me at first is when Justine ate the finger of her sister, Alexis was pissed. However, I honestly expected a more shocking response or one that exhibits panic. But then, we would find out that her sister also exhibits the same behavior. In fact, we would also find out at the end of the movie, the ending scene implies that the behavior is inherited from their mother, wherein their father shows Justine his scars. This explains the reason why the mother only cooks vegetables for the family, as meat triggers this type of behavior. Furthermore, the movie does not fail in conveying to its audience that their mother was also part of the same fraternity. I believe implicit endings are very common in European films, one of which is L’avventura, where the ending show its characters not saying anything to each other. In the case of Raw, words were mentioned however it ends with details that convey sufficient closure. 

The title of the movie seems to be linked to the plot as well. This is because Raw somehow could be related to animalistic instincts and tendencies. Justine and Alexis exhibited this in terms of diet and behavior. The same could also be said in the love scene where Justine becomes aroused and had the urge to bite Adrien. It is worth noting that Justine and Adrien are not a couple, which shows also how it is linked to the title of the movie.

For me, the movie does not fall short in relaying to its audience as a gore film. I believe it can be as bloody as the likes of the Saw movies, where explicit blood, wounds, and injury are very much exposed to the audience. I am not really a fan of Gore movies as I am afraid of blood and the movie did a great job in showing scenes that actually made me uncomfortable.

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