Here we go again (and again)

I honestly did not expect a thriller to be shown in class. I am very scared of horror films/thriller films/films with jump scares/films with gore/etc. so when I realized that Timecrimeshad a little bit of all of that, I kind of panicked. It started off upbeat and colorful, which made me think that it was going to be a fun film. However, as the film went on and the mystery and the ‘killer’ and the jump scares started to pop out one by one, I started to realize that it was going to be ‘exciting’ in the worst way possible.

The movie starts off in an interesting way. Compared to all the other movies we watched in class, this one caught my attention right off the bat. My curiosity peaked even higher when I realized that it was not just a normal thriller with an unknown killer on the loose. The film also had a sci-fi element to it with Hector travelling back through time to get away from the killer. At first, I thought it was your typical slasher film because of the first few scenes. However, when the story progressed and the scenes started to interlock and make everything make sense — especially the scene where Hector gets into an accident and wraps his head in a bandage — it started becoming less scary and way smarter than I thought it was going to be. I liked that scene because it revealed a plot twist which would hook the audience more when watching the film.

Aside from the ‘cool’ concept, the makers of the film were also able to allow the audience to experience empathy towards the characters. The character that caught my attention the most when it comes to ‘feeling for the character’ is the innocent girl who Hector makes undress. When she first appeared, I thought that she was a weird person for undressing in the forest randomly. I also got annoyed with Hector for checking her out (haha). Then as the movie passed, it was revealed that she was unwillingly undressing because Hector was threatening her in order for the past to happen once again. I felt bad for her because she was just an innocent passerby; it could have easily been another person. Yet she was unlucky enough to encounter Hector right after he crashed his car. I felt even worse for her because she was simply trying to help him — and look where that led her to. It was unfortunate for her to be used as a catalyst for the story to progress.

Hector, on the other hand, was a complex character. I did not really know what to feel about him. I think my feelings were more negative than positive. He made a lot of bad choices that could have been avoided if he had just stayed at home or something. I also did not like the fact that he rarely listened to the scientist who created the time machine. Hector was not knowledgeable of the dynamics of time travel at all, and yet he chose not to listen to the expert. He was kind of annoying, but at least he was flawed. Flawed characters are way better than perfect ones because it humanizes them.

Timecrimes was fun to watch as compared to all the other movies because it was easier to understand than the rest. I enjoyed it even though I am not a fan of thrillers. What I liked about it was the plot twists in the middle because it enticed me to pay attention to the film more.

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