There are many ways to describe this lip-biting (pun intended) movie, but the best phrase that fully encapsulates the movie is “a realistic zombie movie”.

There are many jaw dropping scenes in this psychological horror movie. The movie features a vegetarian teenager that studies in one of the most prestigious veterinary schools in Germany. She was a gifted student that aced nearly every test. Her cannibalistic instincts are awakened once she eats a raw rabbit kidney for her initiation in the school. After the rabbit kidney, she starts to crave for meat – specifically raw meat. She would go on frenzies by looking for raw meat everywhere she met until eventually, there was literally nothing that could satisfy her other than the taste of blood.

After she got the taste of human meat from her sister’s finger—which was undoubtedly the most graphic and shocking scene in the entire film. The scene leaves no room for the viewer to breathe. As I was watching the scene along with my classmates, I could not help but scream and cover my eyes as she devoured her sister’s finger as if it was a piece of chicken wings. The scene ended with her eating it to the bone as her sister woke up to what she was doing.

After the incident, the movie revolves around her denying her craving for human flesh. Her sister, who was a cannibal like her, tried to show her how to get “fresh meat” by causing cars to crash and eating off the victims’. Additionally, she would get serious allergies and caused her to hallucinate. She even tried to eat her hair to satisfy her cravings. Her denial bubbled up her cravings until she could not handle it anymore. Her built up desires and cravings led her to biting one of her schoolmates’ lip when she was at a party. This caused her to have a reputation of being a freak.

The movie ends with her dad revealing that her mom is just like her, and how the cannibalism runs in their family. Furthermore, he mentions how he allows her to eat parts of him to keep her sane by opening his polo and showing her his scars. Through this scene, I realized that this is why they were brought up to be vegetarians – to suppress their cannibalistic nature. It also explains her mom’s aggressiveness when a cafeteria mistakenly put a meatball in her mashed potato.

It is not your typical zombie movie wherein the main characters go on a zombie-killing rampage like in World War Z. What differentiates this horror movie from all the zombie movies I have ever watched is that it feels real. There are no hordes of zombies running towards the main characters or human beings trying to kill each other in order to save themselves. Just seemingly ordinary people who are mentally sick. I personally find this much more terrifying.

After watching the movie, I became skeptical about who I was close to and thinking to myself: “I wonder if he/she is actually a cannibal”. Then it hit me: this is what a psychological horror is.

The movie left me scarred but interestingly hooked. For some reason, I left the classroom wanting more.

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