Having watched this film before, I already had an idea of what the film would entail but after I watching this film for a second time I found it to be much more. During the first time I watched the film, I was just focused on the graphic content and reason behind why the two sisters crave human flesh like animals. One scene that really struck me the most is when Justine and Alexia fight and bite each other in school because Alexia manipulated her to bite a corpse for entertainment. It made me see a different side Alexia because I initially thought she was just a kind and loving sister until that point. I saw how she can be manipulative even over one of her family members. The ending of the film also shocked me because I learned that the craving for flesh is actually a trait passed down from the mother after the father showed his wounds. It shocked me because there was no mention of the mother having these traits or that the behaviour was even inherited. The parents knew this and yet they did not make any efforts to guide their daughters of this behaviour. If they sent their daughters to a different school or if they informed them ahead about what they have, then things could have been different like Alexia would not be in jail.

Watching this film a second time allowed me to understand the deeper meanings in the film and in the characters. I noticed how Alexia’s character is a contrast to the character of Justine. Alexia is more confident in herself and does not care for what other people think of her, and this leads to her taking more action. An example of this trait can be seen in the during the part wherein she jumps in front of a car to make it crash into a tree. After it crashes, she starts eating into the flesh of the person in the passenger seat, but Justine stops her. Justine is more hesitant about herself, and is more concerned about other people and what they may think. Even though Justine craves flesh, she still makes efforts to stop herself because she knows of how it will affect others. One example is when she has sex with Adrien and starts biting him, and so in order to stop her from going farther, she bites herself instead. Even thought Alexia is in jail while Justine is not, the fates of these two sisters are still similar in way. Alexia is confined in jail, but she does not let her craving for flesh constrict her in any way because she accepts it and does not care for what others think. Justine is not in jail, but she must make sure her actions are in accordance with societal norms and ethics. She must control her behaviour, and restrain herself from eating other people. These two characters are both trapped in a sense, and I think it depends on the perspective to see which is a better situation.

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