The Edukators

The Edukators is a film that revolves around the lives of Peter and Jan who call themselves “edukators”, as they happen to be activists who would break into the homes of rich individuals but would never steal or break things, instead, they would rearrange the furniture inside that house. They would move a few pieces of furniture in the living room and kitchen, and put them all in the wrong places. All of which is to send these wealthy people a message that someone knows them and is watching them. 

After watching this film, it reminded me of the youths tendency to rebel. Minds as young and eyes as fresh as ours, the youth of today finds themselves seeing things just a little bit differently. Change is a common idea that sparks between these youthful minds, and the current disposition will not be tolerated. Until now, we see ideas that seem to clash with each other especially since the youth are more daring and are not afraid to do things differently, and that was one of the few things that I have encountered in the film. It always common to see the ideas of the youth clashing with the old and conservative reality that surrounds them, the reality that they have to immerse themselves with. Watching this film just left me in awe wit the reality that we are all immersed in. The scriptwriting, visuals and plot is articulate and eloquent enough to provide discourse between the audience and the film. The truths and arguments that were shared by the main characters of the film, show an underlying reality to it until today. And what is great is that, this discourse that you engage with the film, allows you to reflect and assimilate yourself with the characters, allowing it to connect to your own thoughts. It is considered to be revolutionary and different in such a way. 

It plays with innocence in such a way that being young is not as simple as people think it is. It is far more complex and difficult. You have fresh and unorthodox ideas that you take into heart but want to share with the world. Yet it is not as easy and as conservative individuals think it is. 

For many, this film may come off as political film that fixates on the intricacies of capitalism and how it has affected many of the individuals who reside in Germany. It dares to explore the great lengths of political idealism in a state that refuses and neglects change. 

Elements in the movies such as the love triangle between the three characters definitely add depth to the film as it was a slight distraction that was provided among the strong plot twists that eventually emerged in the film. In my opinion, it ended very marvellously with the group of friends still maintaining to keep their friendship with each other despite what they have been through together. This movie definitely made its way to my favorites given it’s burst of ideologies. 

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