Heavy Trip: Enjoyable Experience Through Music and Humor

download.jpegGiven the movies that we watched throughout the course, from musical comedies to fantasies portrayed as realistic to movies that absolutely made no sense, Jukka Vidgren and Juuso Laatio’s Heavy Trip was a great movie to cap off the series of movies. It provides a new take and perspective on European cinema and it was overall an interesting and fun cinematic experience that allowed me to connect to the story and the characters. Being a fan of music myself, heavy metal is not really something that I listen to but it was able to add something new and fresh to the movie since not everyone really likes this genre. Despite this, the plot, the use of humor, and even the musical score made the movie particularly enjoyable.

Revolving around a metal band that dreams of playing in front of an audience, their experiences throughout the movie really allowed the viewers to connect with them and really feel invested in their journey. Turo, in particular, was for me a likable and even relatable character that really just wanted their band to be recognized. This pushed him to lie about getting the gig in Norway and his character development was really seen in how by the end of the movie, he really tried to put himself out there and do the things that are outside of his comfort zone. I was also drawn in by the members of the band, being outcasts when they were younger but they found music that brought them together. Despite their everyday struggles, they still find time for their music and I felt their accomplishment when they reach a milestone for their band after creating their first original song.

After being recognized by random people in the community when they heard about their gig, it was evident that this put a ton of pressure on Turo, being the only one who knows that they did not really get the gig. I remembered really feeling sad for them when he finally got the call that they did not get it. However, when the truth about the gig is finally revealed, it did not seem to be a big deal for the other members of the band. The scene when Turo gets emotional after seeing the picture of their band really contributed to the excitement of them getting back together and still going to Norway. By the end of the movie, they get arrested but still includes an atmosphere of fulfillment in finally being able to perform and reassuring that they will be back.

Although there were some parts that I found unnecessary to the plot, their use of humor and the film score contributed to how viewers get drawn in by the characters so that they could empathize with them. In my opinion, one of the unnecessary parts was the death of Jynkki, the drummer of the band, because it did not really add anything to the movie and I feel like it the ending could have been better if they stayed together until the end, when they were finally able to perform in the festival. I also find the cliff scene and getting washed on the shore irrelevant to the movie because it did not really add anything new. For me, the film score really contributed to the overall experience because it enticed excitement and thrill in particular scenes such as when Turo went to the zoo and when Jynkki went to the police station to get the van back. In addition, I loved the humor used in the film because it added more elements and made it more enticing to watch.

Overall, I found Heavy Trip to be one of the more enjoyable movies that we watched so far. I would say that it is a movie that is more similar to American films and I loved the humor and performance of the characters that made it more likable. In the end, Turo says that “Sometimes it’s better to just do things and think afterwards,” which was the main message of the movie and I would say that it was a really great movie to end the course.

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