Marathon of Outcomes (Bonus paper)

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Run Lola Run, was a German film marathon of different outcomes. For me, I believe I could compare this to other movies where the plot is not really similarly structured as Hollywood movies. The movie does not give the answers to the background of the characters. At the same a lot of things were not really explained in the movie. For instance, when Lola the main character runs by a couple of people who do not really make an impact in the movie somehow get a segment where snippets of their future are shown. The most important aspect of all I believe is how Lola is able to go back in time or even resurrect in order to go through the same situation again. For me, it was the most important because it is how the movie keeps on progressing. I could very much relate to the movies we have watched such as L’avventura where you do not really get the answers you were expecting. In the latter, the question we were expecting to be answered was what happened to Anna. 

Another segment that caught my attention was how they used a running segment in the form of cartoons. It kind of reminded me of films such as Lizzie McGuire or Enchanted. For me, it gave a whimsical feeling and saw it as quite fictional as the world of animation and cartoons comes together with live action. 

In terms of the introduction, I actually felt like the movie was like a game. The characters were shown with their faces in boxes like a video game. In a sense, the movie was like this. This is because every time a character dies, somehow the whole movie allows its characters to restart the whole movie again. Like in a game, when your main player dies, the whole game restarts again. In the movie, at first Lola dies when she gets unintentionally shot by the police after they did a holdup in the supermarket. She resurrects and starts all over. Lola escapes the hands of the police as they never suspected she was the holdup-per in the bank. Unfortunately her boyfriend, Mannie, dies due to a collision with an ambulance. Lola only gets it right the third time wherein she plays in a casino as Lady Luck was on her side. However in the end, it wasn’t needed as Mannie finds the man who got the bag of 100,000 marks. Like a usual game, she had three lives. I thought she also had like special skills similar to a character in a game, she had the ability to run and to scream. 

I also liked the part where she goes through various adversities and tries to overcome them. An obstacle that I believe that really rattled her was when her “father” revealed to her the truth that he is not the real father and he has the desire to leave he family for a new mistress, who is his coworker as well. 

Overall, it was a movie that had a lot of thrill. What kept me watching was how is she gonna get 100,000 marks in 20 minutes. Even though the money was not needed in the end, I thought it was entertaining to see whether she was going to get it or not.

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