Impaled Rektum

Before watching this film, my initial expectation of the film would be that it would be about very serious and maybe even tragic journey because of its title. Then as I watched the start, and saw how it was about a heavy metal band, I thought this was for going to be serious and dark because that is what comes to my mind when I think of heavy metal. Heavy metal has songs that revolve around death and violence, and so it lead me to think that the film would follow this theme. I was soon proven wrong as I continued watching further because this film was the opposite. It is a witty and playful film that is not to be taken so seriously.

I really enjoyed the film, Heavy Trip, because of its interesting story and light hearted comedy. The plot is fairly straightforward because it follows a Hollywood style narrative, and so it is easier to understand as compared to the past films. Even though the story is a bit cliche, I still enjoyed the story because of how it tells a story of overcoming adversities in order to follow your dream. It revolves around a heavy metal rock band, and it shows the particular struggles they faced in becoming famous while keeping it witty and funny. One scene in the film that really struck me was when they were trying to come up with an original song because all these time they have only been playing covers. I found it funny how their first original song came from an accident wherein one of the members puts a goat into the chopper, and the sound that comes out is what gives inspiration for the first song. Another moment I enjoyed was when the band members are caught by the police at the edge of the cliff, and I thought that was the end of it because how were they going to escape. Then the group decides to just jump off a really high cliff without really thinking about the dangers. This scene really shows how unorthodox and spontaneous this movie can get.

I believe that the film’s purpose is not merely to bring out laughs and just plainly be a comedy, but it is also here to teach a lot of valuable lessons as well. It teaches us in being perseverant especially when it comes to pursuing our dreams. Despite the many obstacles they faced such as being discriminated, finding a way to the concert, and even losing their original drummer, they still managed to push through all of that and become a famous band. It also taught me that friendship is something we can always rely on when things get tough. I do not think they would have been successful if they separated or had given up. This film also gives us a lesson about not judging a book by its cover because a person can be much different from how we may initially perceive him. We just need to keep an open mind and take time to truly understand someone. Lastly, the film taught me that our dreams are not as crazy as we think they are if we just give it a chance and pursue it.

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