heavy trip

Heavy Trip is a living proof that European cinema isn’t always serious or weird or confusing; it can be pretty fun and funny too! Jukka Vidgren and Juuso Laatio’s Heavy Trip is a musical comedy about a group of a wannabe heavy metal band that plays “symphonic, post-apocalyptic, reindeer-grinding, Christ-abusing, extreme war pagan, Fennoscandian metal,” according to the band’s bassist, Pasi. They’re a group of 4 aspiring artists who have been practicing for 12 years in one of their parents’ basement, but never once played in front of an audience. When they finally get the opportunity to do so, they grab it. When a music promoter visits their town to buy reindeer blood from the lead’s family-owed reindeer store, the band rushes to record a demo and gives it to the promoter. The fun continues from there on.

Before watching the film, our professor introduced Heavy Trip by saying that it’s one of his favorite films that he really enjoyed watching and that he wanted to end the semester for us graduating seniors with this beautifully fun movie. His remark hyped up the film for me, so I felt really excited to watch the film that would conclude my European film class. And boy was Sir right! Heavy Trip is a heartfelt movie that talks about family, friendship, love, and passion, and they presented this beautifully in the film. Although I’m not a fan of heavy metal music (in fact I consider it as the music genre that I really can’t tolerate even if I try), I feel that there’s a heavy symbolism for its use, making it the most appropriate kind of movie for the story of Impaled Rektum. The film suggests that heavy metal music can be an outlet for the marginalized and the oppressed because of the loud music and screaming voices that could represent their anger and frustrations. This is of course given Turo’s context who is always bullied and mocked by the people in his village for not fulfilling that expected masculine stereotype. Another thing I liked about the film was its humor. The film made us effortlessly laugh without being offensive; simply just because it was naturally funny and genuine. The characters were also very dorky yet lovable. They made you feel sorry for their situation and their circumstance so you feel bad for them, making you really empathize and want to support them. They may be going through tough realities, but they also made you laugh so hard that it’s overall just a good time watching the film.

Overall, I think this was the best way to end the semester. It was such a light-hearted film that not only makes you laugh but also inspires you to work hard for your dreams. I may not be able to relate directly to their problem in terms of their music, but I’m confident that they were able to speak to those who face challenges and hardships with trying and working to get the recognition they deserve in the music industry. This movie is definitely a must-watch!

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