Nothing to Hide: But Everyone’s Got Something (Bonus)

Image result for nothing to hideGiven the variety of movies that we watched this semester, I wanted to try something new and watch a more modern European film in a different genre, more like the ones that I usually watch. I came across Fred Cavayé’s Nothing to Hide, a dramatic comedy which caught my attention and just looks like a typical movie about friends. However, watching it really changed what I initially thought the movie would be and it added to one of the surprisingly great movies that I watched so far. It had a very simple plot but the complexity of the characters and the revelations unveiled as the film went on just caught me by surprise and it was definitely worth the watch.

The film revolves around a normal group of couple friends on a night with a rare eclipse. At first, I did not really understand the significance of the eclipse but then the film’s ending just blew my mind and made me think twice about the whole movie. The main premise of the film is that they play a game wherein everyone puts their phones on the dinner table and whenever a phone rings, they have to read the message that they received aloud or answer the call on speakerphone. At first, it might seem like a typical movie but once the phones start to ring, each of the characters’ secrets start to come out and the movie just gets more and more intense from then on. From revealing hidden secrets like being homosexual to all kinds of cheating and figuring out that someone was going to have a baby with his mistress, every plot twist and revelation were both shocking and heartbreaking. It helped that the characters were very interesting and likable, but then contrary to the film’s title, everyone has something to hide. They were very charismatic and the brilliance of their acting were very believable that made me really feel their frustrations and heartbreaks.

Being a dramatic comedy, Nothing to Hide still included parts of humor wherein it showcased the realistic and fun aspect of the film. You can see the bond that the group of friends had and made it seem like they were all normal. However, when put to the test, questions such as what would happen if you can view the phone of your partner sparked suspicion among the couples that eventually led them to playing the game. These questions even spark curiosity to the viewers because you may start to think about it as well. The dramatic aspects of the film were really captivating as people started confronting each other and their secrets were forced to be revealed. Everyone started doubting their partners and the tension whenever a phone rings was really felt.

In the end, they all leave the apartment, the eclipse ends, and things go back to the way they were which reveals that the game did not really happen. The structure of the film really made me think because it seemed like a simple story but then it never actually happened. This even makes things worse because it just goes to show that they were all hiding their secrets from each other and I guess eventually, these secrets would have to come out. I would have to say that I really liked the film and it really made me think about how every person is hiding something and it is inevitable that the truth always comes out, so I believe. Despite the simplicity of the story, the plot and the performance really kept me hooked and made the film captivating. I was definitely enticed to see more European films like this to see how they compare to the films that I usually watch.

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