Heavy Trip: “What? HAHA”

Prior to watching the film, our professor mentioned that the movie probably would not be the best film we would see the in entirety of the course. Despite this, he emphasized that the movie would probably be the most lovable one out of them all.

As a graduating senior loaded with much requirements, I forgot the last time I was able to laugh like that with my classmates. As students of the Ateneo, we get so caught up with everything that is asked of us and we forget how to have fun and laugh even for just a while. Regardless of such a simple plot, the manner of how the film was produced, definitely did not fail to entertain the life out of me.

Heavy Trip (2018), which was directed by Jukka Vidgren and Juuso Laatio, is a Finnish ensemble comedy film that depicts an aspiring heavy metal band, called Impaled Rektum, waiting to have an opportunity to show the world what they think they can do. Don’t be fooled by the heavy metal part, you don’t need to be a fan of heavy metal to enjoy the film, as I am not one myself. Just like most movies that involve bands, they start from the very bottom. The band was initially made fun of and ignored by many of the residents in the town they lived in. They weren’t happily recognized or received by anyone until they found their one hit wonder of a song that could potentially send them to the biggest heavy metal music festival in Norway.

The comedic film just makes you look at your seatmate as they say, “What? HAHA” with much of the stupid moments that constantly happens, which will not fail to make any normal person laugh. From the beginning of the movie, you could already tell it was quite entertaining with how they described the roles of each of the members of the band. Most notable one’s were Pasi (Xyntrax), the weird yet entertaining and intelligent bassist, and Jynkky, the deardevil yet witty and lovable drummer. It was also quite hilarious to me to find that the very inspiration for their music is rooted from where they practiced in, which was when they were killing deer. Other witty and crazy moments I enjoyed was the manner of how they got a photo for their album, and the corpse that was crowd surfing during their concert.

With comedic movies, you just expect them to make you laugh but this one’s taught me something I feel is quite timely and very important. As we are about to go down from the hill, I suppose it is important for us to recognize that we must be creative with everything that we have and embrace every opportunity we get in reaching our goals and dreams. At the same time, we must not forget how to laugh and enjoy the moments that we have with one another as each and every one of us go through our own individual battles. Life’s short, learn from all the stupid “What? HAHA” moments and continue to be yourself in anything that you plan to accomplish.

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