Get ‘schooled’

The Edukators‘ premise was actually very interesting to me. It was summarized as a narrative about three teenagers who break into the rich’s houses to “scare” them out of their privileged ways and mindsets. It attacks the issues of capitalism and how, even though it is advantageous to some, it is not beneficial to many. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer (and the edukators want to do away with this reality). Even though I found the plot interesting, the element of the film that caught my attention the most was actually the characters of the movie. The characters were very complex and different from one another. I believe the film had a character-driven story because of each of their traits and complexities. Peter, Jan, and Jules all had different strengths and weaknesses which contributed to driving the story forward. Out of the three of them, I liked Peter the most. I found him the most decent character because of his choices throughout the movie. As an edukator, he was more of the leader figure. He was who Jan turned to whenever he did not know what to do because Peter seemed more calm and collected then him. As a boyfriend, he was just trying his best to be good for Jules. He just acted like a typical boyfriend. As a friend, he always had Jan’s back, no matter what Jan did. He seemed like a well-rounded character despite his flaws. Jan, on the other hand, was more flawed than Peter. As an edukator, he often knew what he was doing, but he still depended on Peter to fall back on. As a friend to Peter, I felt like he was not as good a friend as Peter was since he kind of “stole” Peter’s girlfriend. He started falling for Jules (for some weird reason — I honestly do not know what they saw in her) behind Peter’s back even though Peter was dating Jules. What kind of a best friend would do that? It did not help that he tried to justify what he had done to Peter, which cause their big fight in the latter part of the film.

From the three edukators, Jules was the character I hated the most. I mean, the entirety of the plot of the film was her fault. None of the events would have transpired if she had not incurred the debt she owed to Hardi, or if she did not leave her phone stupidly in his house when they broke in, or if she did not cheat on her boyfriend with his best friend. She made so much mistakes and still got away with it in the end. She was able to escape paying her debt, got out of going to prison for everything she had done, and even managed to keep both Jan and Peter in her life.

I guess I understood what the edukators were fighting for but I got pissed that they got away with so much things even though they did not deserve it (especially Jules). I feel like they should have gotten what they deserved since they did cause a lot of problems for someone else even if he was merely living his life with the money and name he created for himself.

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