Heavy Trip

Heavy trip talks about the story of Turo who finds himself unable to get out of his own village, and the only thing that keeps him going at the moment is being the lead vocalist of his amateur band called Impaled Rektum. For 12 years, Turo and his own bandmates have kept practicing and practicing but has never performed at least one gig. They eventually are visited by a person from Norway who happens to be this huge promoter of a heavy metal music festival and they have to decide on what decision to make. Because of which they ended up doing risky and dangerous things just to fulfill their goals and hopes in the end. 

It is uncommon to see a bunch of misfits and weird-looking human beings join together in a band and call it Impaled Rektum. One of the most important elements that resonated with me in the film is the comedic meat that just simply kept you entertained and wanting for more. I mean, who would not want to see a bunch of characters with one wearing heavy makeup and do weird stuff together all for the sake of their band. The passion that resides within each and everyone of them is tremendous and beyond extremes. It shows commitment and love in what they do. Their closeness for each other just adds the little cherry on top. 

As you get yourself into the first few minutes of the film, you can see that it is not one of those films that nails deep in your emotions trying to suck every ounce of feeling in you. In fact, it is a very playful and whimsical film to watch due to it comedic element and the variety of jokes and laughs that were exchanged. In a way, the film did well in providing that experience to their audience. Other than that, it makes you learn to appreciate the genre of heavy metal and how individuals like it let it sink in their lives. Heavy metal is under appreciated until now and having this movie be released in 2018 is a good thing as it will allow the audience to get to know this music genre given that it is not one of the first options of people. 

Although many people claim to have a stereotype for these kinds of people, “Heavy Trip” allows you to look inside the hearts and minds of these very individuals who appreciate that sort of lifestyle and have a difference in interests. I have to say, heavy metal is as important as every music genre and should not be judged or undermined by anyone. 

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