A mess of characters

La’aventura was perhaps the most unsatisfying movie I have seen so far. The plot of the movie seemed quite simple at the start. It begins by showing Anna, a wealthy socialite, who has plans to go to an island with her friends. However, when she and her friends arrive on the island, Anna suddenly disappears after having an argument with her fiancé, Sandro. The group of friends begin to search for Anna, but she seems to have magically disappeared from the island. Although the characters still look for Anna throughout the film, her disappearance suddenly becomes a background plot midway in the movie. Rather, the plot shifs from a mystery to the unlikely love story between Sandro, and Anna’s best friend, Claudia.

The sudden change of protagonist and the relegation of Anna as a mere background character left me quite upset since Anna was built up to be the main character in the beginning of the film. In addition, she seemed to have many more stories to tell with the way the film had set her background as an unhappy rich girl, whose father was an ambassador. In comparison, the film never gave a proper background to Claudia except being Anna’s best friend. Although this was the case, Anna suddenly became forgotten in the film and became merely an afterthought. In fact, most of the characters seemed to have forgotten her midway through the film, aside from Claudia and Sandro. For Sandro, however, he seemed only interested in finding Anna to please Claudia. This was one of the reasons why I was quite unhappy with the film. Most of the characters seemed to be so selfish and never really cared for their missing friend. The way they even commented on her disappearance seemed so harsh that I doubted they were friends in the first place. In fact, the only person I considered decent in the movie was Claudia since she seemed to be the only one with a conscience in the film. Other characters seemed to act on impulse and not even think whether what they were doing was right or wrong.

Although I have to commend Director Antonioni for his amazing camera work. As seen by the beautiful long camera shots seen throughout the movie. The way the characters were written made the movie quite unappealing to me which negated even the stunning cinematography. In addition, he never gave a proper closure to the movie and just made more questions by the end. For example, “What happened to Anna?”, “Did Sandro and Claudia end up together?”, and many more. These questions were so relevant to the plot that they needed to be answered. In fact, the question “What happened to Anna?” was what kept me watching the film despite me hating most of the characters. Although La’aventura might be good movie if one were to watch it for its cinematography, if one were to watch it for the plot then I would be afraid they would be quite disappointed. The movie just seemed rather pretentious to me.

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