A rollercoaster of events

What is happening? That was the constant question running throughout my mind as the film was playing. No matter how many times I thought I figured the film out, another scene would break all my theories of what is actually going on.

Holy Motors! begins with a man called Oscar entering a limousine for work. He then goes around the city playing various roles such as an old lady, a stunt performer, an assassin and even a creature living in the sewers. At the start of the film, I believed Oscar was just an improve actor or someone who accepts random acting jobs for money. However, as the film progressed, Oscar kept entering weirder situations which defied human logic. I began to even wonder if the events happening were even on Earth or if Oscar was actually human. For example, despite being stabbed and shot multiple times, he would get back up as soon as his limousine driver, Celine, tells him that they would be late for their next job. This made me constantly question what this job is and whether anything happening was actually real or just being acted out. In one of the scenes in the movie, Oscar seemed to show his true self after meeting a woman he knew with the same job as his. Although the movie implied that what was happening was real, I still wondered whether that was another act, or it was truly his genuine self being shown.  This skepticism of my mine was due to how in one of the previous scenes where he picked-up his daughter, I truly believed that that was his true self which was unfortunately not true. This see-saw of what is real and what isn’t just left me confused throughout the film. I would even consider this the most confusing film I have ever seen.

However, despite being the most confusing film I might have seen, Holy Motors! was able to entrance me to the screen the entire time. There were so many things happening each moment that I felt I would miss something if I turned away. In addition, the quality of the cinematography was amazing. Each scene had its own different mood and the background made for each of Oscar’s characters seemed so unique that you could make a movie for each of them. At some points in the film, I just completely gave up on trying to discover what was going on and just appreciated the effort placed on the makeup, camerawork and props made for the movie. Also, the acting of Sir Dennis Lavant, as he portrayed multitude of different characters kept me in awe due to the range of his characters.

Although I wouldn’t consider Holy Motors! as a film for everyone, I would still recommend it to my family and friends due to how amazing the visuals and the camerawork of the film is. It was able to grab my attention, and although I was disturbed and confused by the end of it, I was left satisfied by the end of the movie, even if it just brought more questions. I would suggest to those who will watch to just enjoy the film for what it is so that they can appreciate what the film has to offer.   

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